10410260_10153052646746093_8401195101401563576_nHello there! Please, call me Jonny. Because it’s my name.

I’m a writer of many things, and most of them involve spaceships, magic, or spaceshmagic.

After studying politics for far too many years, my fiction tends to come tinged with social commentary. But don’t worry; it doesn’t hurt.

I’ve had a few short fiction pieces published over the years, and am currently working on longer fiction projects. Two novels and counting in the eternally-redrafting phase.

I also write reviews of stand up comedy for various places across the internet.


Stories Behind Stories

Stories Behind Stories is a world-building blog. I think genre fiction is at its best when it can tell us something about the world we live in right now; its events, its fears, and its attitudes.

Stories Behind Stories is my way of using my social science background to discuss how the stories of today might inform our stories about tomorrow.

Hopefully it helps other writers inject their fantasy worlds with a dose of realism and social commentary.