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Where has the Year Gone?

So the new students have moved in, the streets of Fallowfield are once again carpeted in vomit and broken glass, and the bus and pub schedules have returned to normal. But hell, we’re at the end of September already?

My plan was to have my latest project, conceived and tentatively played with as it was at the end of 2017, all done and dusted and ready to be sent out to prospective publishers by the end of 2018. Seeing as I am now somewhat less than a quarter of the way through the first draft, that does appear not to have happened.

Nor, indeed, does any further work on Airborne Empire, due to a supreme difficulty in getting folk to actually return feedback which might allow me to do another editing/polishing pass.

Not as easy as it looks, this writing thing, is it?

Time Flies when Standing Still

Isn’t it strange that time just disappears? Since I’ve stopped teaching, I’m noticing more and more that entire days and weeks can just zip by without leaving so much as a distinct memory, let alone a sense of accomplishment.

Who says time flies when having fun? Maybe the normal speed for time is stuck on the fast setting, but nobody’s really noticed because they hate their jobs so it’s all slowed down as a consequence. Perhaps celebrities have a reputation for not being the brightest pencils in the shed because they’ve spent so little time doing the boring things, and as a consequence have had much less time to learn things. Unlikely, I know, but why should the physicists be the only ones who get to speculate about the nature of time? Continue reading

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