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Dissent and Violence

In the last few weeks, the world has seen a number of high profile attacks on civilians, many of them claiming to be (or having been claimed by) the fundamentalist militant group Daesh (also known as Islamic State). While these attacks are despicable, they are hardly unique. Similar attacks on civilians have been conducted throughout history by pockets of individuals unhappy with some aspect of the governing status quo, be that religious, ideological or political. Disagreements exist in all societies, and extremist groups draw upon them the world over to increase their influence and accomplish their aims – from the Ku Klux Klan, to the IRA, to ETA.

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In a week where controversy and argument continue to be raised regarding the UK’s Hinkley Point nuclear power stations, and the world continues to debate the damaging effects of “fracking” for gas deposits, we can see how important concerns of energy provision are in the real world. The forms and methods of energy generation in your fictional world  can also play a large part in how that society works, and access to energy can make big difference to the politics of your fictional nation.

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