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“Your Name Here…” @ Frog & Bucket, 04/07/2012

If this show is any indication of the quality of acts likely to be at Edinburgh this year, it should be a fantastic year; “Your Name Here…” gave the surprisingly busy Wednesday-night audience just a taster of six shows bound for the Edinburgh Fringe, and when the time came for the audience to vote on their favourite act, it took me a few minutes to decide. The talent on display here was impressive and consistent throughout the acts – whoever’s job it is to choose acts to display at these things certainly knows quality when they see it. Continue reading

Michael Legge & Phill Jupitus Edinburgh Festival previews @ XS Malarkey, 18/06/2012

In the run-up to this year’s Edinburgh Festival, comedians up and down the country prepare their shows, hone them to comedy perfection in time for them to be performed to an audience of six people in the back room of an Edinburgh pub. While the shows are unfinished, they provide a good idea of what the audiences at Edinburgh can expect, but with a little less polish. Continue reading

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