One third of unashamedly silly comedy trio We are Klang (along with Steve Hall and the towering Greg Davies), the fantastically named Marek Larwood is an award-winning comic in his own right (having won the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year award back in 2003; beating Welsh wonder Rhod Gilbert into third place).

Generally taking on an amiable, yet eccentric and dim-witted persona in his appearances with We Are Klang, Larwood is quite a capable comic actor, specialising in the strange and socially awkward; his television appearances, including Hyperdrive, Armstrong and Miller’s “Felix & Murdo”, and the CBBC sketch show I’m Sorry I’ve Got No Head reinforce this image.

His solo stand-up material is generally an eclectic mix of bad-taste jokes, physical comedy, and generally strange stories – rounded out with character-based comedy with the likes of Brian, the recovering sex offender. Generally regarded as cleverly written and well-delivered, but can often split the audience and offend some of the more sensitive members, as well as leaving some simply confused about his style of humour.

As well as his stand-up and television work, Marek Larwood also owns a film company; “Big Potato Productions”, which primarily produces short comedy films for youtube – including a series of Boris Johnson parodies made in the run-up to the mayoral election and the London Olympics, and numerous videos examining the workings of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Larwood’s own entertaining style.

Larwood currently performs in London as part of a regular sketch show – catch him at the Wilmington Arms, London on June 5th and 13th, and July 7th and 19th. He will also be performing a ‘work in progress’ version of his new Edinburgh show, “Typecast” at the Pleasance Theatre, London on June 7th, The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames on June 26th and the Comedy Bar, Islington on July 11th, ahead of the finished article’s outing at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, from Wednesday 1st to Sunday 26th August (excluding 14th) at 6.20pm.


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